Our Dreams!

Into brewing beer?

We are really happy to fund the refuge for girls in Baskouré to the tune of £5,000 annually. This sum helps them to cover the costs of looking after up to 30 girls for a year; it includes housing, clothes, food, bills and training in a trade - so much!  Just £5,000 to give these girls independence and a chance in life seems to us to be a wonderful opportunity to do good easily.  Given that one of the trades they learn is to brew and sell the local beer, we would dearly love a British brewery to commit to just £5,000 a year to help us help these girls.  If you are in the brewing industry and would like to explore this idea, then please get in touch.

Into education?

The town of Fada N’Gourma would love to build a small lycée (that is to say, a Sixth Form) for their town. This need be no more than a building comprising just six classrooms. It isn’t a big ask, but would mean the world to the people of Fada.

But these are just two of our dreams.  Of course, we'd love lots and lots of people to commit to just a bit every month, using a standing order, because there are schools we'd like to build, there are more girls, women and handicapped children we'd like to help, donkeys and cows to buy and so much else ...